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Ameri-Seal offers a variety of Shrink Film including:
Roll Stock Shrink Film (seamed or extruded tubing)
Cut Band, Preforms, Tamper Evident Seals,Printed Shrink Sleeves, 
Specialty Shrink Bands.

There are many benefits to Ameri-Seal’s Shrink Sleeves. Here are some of these benefits:

  1.  Shrink Sleeves are one of the most effective ways to showcase products.
  2.  Tamper evident seals ensure trust and safety for your customers.
  3.  Full body designed artwork offers 360-degree graphic exposure.
  4.  Ameri-Seal’s Sleeves are printed in reverse and are therefore completely product and scuff resistant.
  5.  Printed Shrink Sleeves are resistant to chemicals, moisture, friction, and other strong elements.
  6.  Ameri-Seal has the capability to work on uniquely-odd shaped bottle with high visibility design.
  7.  Being the first in the industry to introduce metallic inks, Ameri-Seal has the capability to match colors to create an appealing and vibrant design for your product.

Take full advantage of our shrink sleeve capabilities.

Ameri-Seal offers a complete performance guarantee and products are guaranteed to meet industry tolerance.

We can help you answer your shrink sleeve questions and more.

Roll Stock Shrink Film

Roll Stock Shrink Film

Ameri-Seal Inc. can supply you with all of your roll stock film needs, whether they be PVC, PETG, OPS, Tamper Evident Seals, Printed Shrink Sleeves, etc. With our large stock of in house inventory, we have Roll stock shrink film available for speedy delivery for any of your rollstock needs in a variety of layflats. Ameri-Seal has roll stock available in standard clear, and in a variety of colors with or without standard print. 

Ameri-Seal Inc. Roll Stock shrink film meets industry tolerance and performance standards. Custom formulations are available, designed specifically to your machinery requirements. Perforations and Ultra Violet Additives are also available, and we can match any PMS color.

Ameri-Seal Inc. only provides top quality material which is 100% virgin material (not recycled) phthalate free to meet safety and environment standards.

We always want to be your number one source for all your roll stock needs.

Tamper Evident Seal

Tamper Evident Seal

Tamper Evident Bands are perfect for your tamper evident needs on jars and bottles. Ameri-Seal, Inc. also supplies custom tamper evident bands to match any PMS color. These Tamper Evident Bands can be printed up to ten (10) colors, and can be designed with or without Pull Tabs or Perforations. Our State-of-the-Art cutting machines offer both Single and Double and/or Vertical Perfs for your tamper evident bands. Ameri-Seal's Contract Sleeving Division will apply the tamper evident bands directly onto your products for you.

Printed Shrink Sleeves

Printed Shrink Sleeves

Rotogravure prints up to ten (10) colors, Ameri-Seal's metal etched cylinders create flawless graphics. A printed Shrink Sleeve provides spectacular shelf appeal for almost any item. Perfect for promotional applications. Printed shrink sleeves meet industry tolerance and performance standards.

360° Decorated Shrink Labels

360° Decorated Shrink Labels

Front, Back, Sides... Ameri-Seal's 360° Decorated Shrink Labels have you covered. Available in clear, colored and custom printed PVC, PETG and OPS heat shrinkable films. Give your products an edge over the competition with beautiful custom printed heat shrinkable sleeves. Shrink Labels meet industry tolerance and performance standards.



Preform shrink bands are clear or custom colored shrink film that provide a secure tamper evident seal for your container which are custom made to fit any size container, whether your container is square, round, rectangular, etc. Preform shrink bands supply a snug seal and are very economical for hard to seal containers. Ameri-Seal, Inc. carries more than one hundred common sized Preform molds that are ready for immediate delivery for most industry container sizes. Common items that may require preform shrink bands include dairy products, fresh food products, and beverages. Ameri-Seal, Inc. preforms meet industry tolerance and performance standards.

Multi-Pack Shrink Bands

Multi-Pack Shrink Bands

Multi-Pack shrink sleeves make wrapping two or more items a snap. A great way to seal promotional and seasonal items, as well as piggy backing trial size products and companion packs. Available in a wide range of sizes, Multi-Pack shrink sleeves will help you move additional product volume. Ameri-Seal, Inc. can provide our customers with clear or custom printed colors. Our Dual Compartment shrink sleeve film is perfect for attaching smaller products to bigger ones as well as product giveaways. Multi-Packs meet industry tolerance and performance standards.

Specialty Shrink Sleeves

Specialty Shrink Sleeves

  • Specialty Shrink Sleeves are a great way to wrap odd sized toys, sports items, house wares, tools and other hard to seal items. Perfect for slipping over golf clubs and fishing equipment, or baseball bats and basketballs. Ameri-Seal, Inc. keeps a large inventory of clear stock bands in a wide range of sizes, and offers custom options on Specialty Film like graphics design and prototype development. Custom colors and printed films also available. Ameri-Seal's PVC/PETG/OPS heat shrink film meets industry tolerance and performance standards.
Shrink Mate

Shrink Mate™
Table Top Heat Tunnel ShrinkWrapping System

Presenting the AS Series Table Top Heat Tunnel Shrink Wrapping Unit. Anyone can wrap perfect packages in seconds with Shrink-Mate™. So economical, the system quickly pays for itself. 

The benefits listed below assure that Finishing Touch to all your heat shrinkable film products

  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • No Expensive Wiring, Plugs into any 110V Outlet
  • Shrinks up to 10 Items per Minute
  • Largest Sealing Area in its Class
  • Tunnel Size: (20"L x 15"W x 8"H)
  • ( 508mm L x 381mm W x 204mm H)

  • Portable, Table Top Design
Shrink Master

Shrink Master™
Stand-Alone Heat TunnelShrink Wrapping System 

Presenting the AS Series Stand-Alone Heat Tunnel Shrink Wrapping Unit. Easily adaptable into your existing production line. Shrink Master™ the durable workhorse shrink sleeve wrapping system. 

The benefits listed below assure that Finishing Touch to all your heat shrinkable film products.

  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Conserves Power, 220V Outlet
  • Shrinks up to 20 Items per Minute
  • Largest Sealing Area in its Class
  • Tunnel Size: (27”L x 13”W x 6”H)
  • (700mm L x 350mm W x 150mm H)

  • Portable, Stand-Alone Design
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Ecoheat Heat Gun

Heat Guns

Ecoheat Heat Gun

  • Two heat settings, 500°-1000°, 120v
  • Two fan speeds—Low and High
  • Lightweight—1 lb.
  • Built-in hand guard
  • Built-in stand
  • Kit w/accessories also available
Master Heat Gun

Master Heat Gun

  • High Temperature and power ratings:
  • 1000°F/540°C and up to 1750 watts
  • Accommodates many industrial & commercial heating applications
  • Powerful high speed universal motor
  • Sturdy die-cast housing
  • Adjustable non-slip stand
  • Kit w/accessories also available